A love letter...

by Anita Srikandi on Oct 24, 2019

A love letter...
When THIS IS A LOVE SONG launched in 2012 we looked a lot different and we were more street than sexy, more cool than conscious. Over the years the brand evolved a lot and as I grew older the designs changed with me. We started toning things down, focusing more on essential pieces but still with that little cheeky twist. We started to introduce more of a city and sporty vibe when we branched out to Los Angeles too.
During this phase I realized I started to design for two girls - the go getter who was on the scene of everything and never missed a beat (or a festival) and the other who traded those nights for a quiet time at home with a glass of wine, getting ready for her yoga class the next morning. Both girls reflected me and a lot of you too. They are related. They are sisters but they are different. The younger sister is TIALS and her mature counterpart is THIS IS A LOVE SONG, but the beauty is sometimes you can be a bit of both. Just like you were to go into your sister’s wardrobe to steal her clothes, you too can wear both lines. I do because one day I want to wear lace and feel sexy and other days I want to be loud and wear sequins. Whichever line speaks more to you I hope that there are pieces that can be part of your essenTIALS and makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. 
It has been one hell of a ride but no matter what we have never forgotten our core of staying fair trade and keeping our production in our island home Bali, where our love song started. It is now coming full circle and I am beyond excited to be releasing not just TWO lines but also to reveal the campaign that we shot in our beautiful island home as a back drop. Home is where the heart is and today marks the beginning of the next chapter of THIS IS A LOVE SONG and TIALS.
With love,


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