Bamboo House Magic

by Anita Srikandi on Oct 24, 2019

Bamboo House Magic
If you were wondering where we shot our latest campaign for THIS IS A LOVE SONG and TIALS then look no further as I am about to reveal this magical place we found in the central part of Bali in a town called Selat. 

Wearing the Samantha Briefs + Ida Bra in Canyon

I first discovered this place as I was mood boarding with photographer Phillip Gadrow and we couldn’t help but be in awe of the photos we stumbled across Pinterest. If you haven’t seen these infamous pins before it looks like the photo we recreated with the net overlooking the beautiful rice paddy and volcano view. After getting into a Pinterest wormhole I discovered this hidden gem was not so hidden after all. In fact it was booked out for most of the year but we needed to shoot the campaign that same month. We went back to the drawing board, bummed to say the least.

Wearing the Piper Set in Taupe

Turns out Camaya has become the instagram spot and the go to place to stay in Bali. Understandably so because besides the most breathtaking view, this open floor bamboo  is a one of a kind structure of its own. It has attracted a massive amount of influencers who have flooded instagram with surreal photos of the property and the view. I mean, that’s what got us wanting to shoot there in the first place!  Then boom, one morning I received a notification saying that 2 nights opened up due to a last minute cancellation. OMG - It was meant to be! We had our dream shoot location through the power of manifestation. 

Wearing the Samantha Briefs + Ida Bra in Canyon

When we arrived there the day of the shoot we were absolutely speechless. This place was even better IRL and Made and his lovely staff took absolute care of us. Camaya Bamboo House was nothing short of paradise and served as the back drop we have always wanted for our first campaign for THIS IS A LOVE SONG and TIALS. 


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