Women's Day Everyday!

by Anita Srikandi on Mar 08, 2022

Women's Day Everyday!
To celebrate National Women's Day, THIS IS A LOVE SONG would like to celebrate women globally because our presence and voice should be appreciated and supported. Currently, gender inequality is still prevalent in many industries and the garment and fashion industry being one of them. 

What the UK data highlights, as reported by the New York Times, is that several big names in the fashion industry are among some of the nation's worst offenders, despite employing an overwhelming majority of women.
Names as big as Victoria's Secret (19 per cent, based on median hourly pay rates), Benefit Cosmetics (31 per cent) and Burberry (26 per cent) all came in for criticism by the Times, the latter singled out in spite of its 70 per cent female workforce.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald – “Mid-market brand Karen Millen pays women about half of what it pays men on a median hourly basis, despite women making up 84 per cent of the company's top positions, with a female CEO and CFO. And while the same proportion of men and women received bonuses, women's median bonus pay was 96 per cent lower than men's. Ninety-six per cent!”

We know we don’t want to be part of this exhausting narrative and our goal is promote the opposite!. As a brand that is founded and led by women for women, our goal is to honor and uplift the women that make our clothes and wear our clothes.. In fact our entire team consist of 85% female and 90% of our office positions are filled by females too who are the important decision makers in our company.

We would like to introduce you to a few of the faces that make up the THIS IS A LOVE SONG team and share their opinion about what Women's Day means to us …
Stephanie, Founder
Wearing the Repose Dress, coming out soon.. 

 Anna, Shipping Manager
To celebrate our independence, we can do everything by our self for our self

Tamara, Designer
Wearing the 'Be Here Now' Baby Tee

Intan, Production 
Women day means where we can celebrate all of our achievements

Yasinta, Designer

Wearing the Dunia Dress


Indri, Sales Manager
Women are special and we are all equal

Zen, Social Media Manager
Everyday is women’s day where you appreciate yourself, friends and society without doing discrimination

To all the amazing women out there, I wish you a happy Women’s Day. Do not be hesitant to stand up for yourself and step into your power because we all have the same rights.


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